What Will This Sad Sack Do?

I read this story from the New York Post about a controversial television ad:
EVA Mendes is so naked and so sexy in an ad for Secret Obsession, the new fragrance from Calvin Klein Inc., that TV networks rejected the spot until it was cleaned up, and still won't air it until after 9 p.m. The commercial "taps into the secrecy of a private moment - where it's clear that Eva is having illicit thoughts," marketer Lori Singer told WWD. The spot's creative director, Fabien Baron, angrily blamed President Bush for the censorship: "This country really needs a new president. This country is so messed up . . . I really can't believe this is happening."
Well of course it's Bush's fault! Everything is Bush's fault!

Like a lot of Bush Derangement Syndrome sufferers, he's going to have to come up with someone new to blame for all of his (and the world's) problems once President Bush leaves office at noon on January 20th, 2009. If Obama is elected, they'll have no one left to hate, which is likely to exacerbate their already severe psychological problems. If McCain is elected, he's just not as hateable to the loony left as Bush is. But then, nobody is.

It's like the "Two Minutes Hate" in George Orwell's book 1984. The Party members all scream and bellow out their hate at the picture of Emmanuel Goldstein on the telescreen. What would they do without him to focus and direct their hatred on? That's what's going to happen to Democrats next January. Their Goldstein will be gone, and who will they have left to hate?

It's not like they're going to give up the emotion that has been their bedrock for the past seven-plus years. They've GOT to hate somebody, or they'll explode! It should be amusing to watch them walking around kicking puppies or doing whatever else they have to do in order to get rid of their free-floating hostility.