Perseid Watch

I went out around 2:30 and spent about an hour watching the Perseid meteor shower. It wasn't a total bust, because I did see six meteors over the course of the hour, and two or three other flashes on my peripheral vision that might have been something or might not have been. The main problem was some low, milky clouds that obscured a lot of the portion of the sky I was supposed to be watching. The other problem was mosquitoes. There weren't many, but there were enough that I retreated inside my car and watched the sky to the northeast through my driver's side window.

I'm probably just jaded, because I saw both the 2001 and 2002 Leonid meteor showers, which were spectacular. Mid-November is a much more pleasant time for being outdoors at night in Florida, since the mosquitoes are usually gone by then and we are more likely to get a completely clear sky. Tonight actually wasn't bad; the temperature was pleasant and the humidity wasn't too high. And I did see a few meteors, so we'll give this one a C grade. It could have been worse.