Noon Fay Update

So far, so good. The power has stayed on. It's windy and rainy outside, but the storm's center of circulation has gone to the east of me and is currently about 30 miles away and moving away from me. The west side of the storm, where I am, is the "weak" side. I don't think that the sustained winds have been much over 30 miles per hour, with higher gusts.

I've probably gotten about four inches of rain here so far, and it doesn't show any sign of stopping soon. However, it hasn't rained hard enough to disrupt DirecTV, which happens whenever I get a really bad rainstorm coming from the south. It's just a continuous rainfall. Flooding on the roads is going to be a major concern in this area for the next few days, and could make driving to work tricky tonight if my normal route has deep standing water on it.