Tuesday's Gone With the Wind

Well, maybe. The latest advisory on Tropical Storm Fay from the National Hurricane Center puts me under a hurricane watch for Tuesday. The current track looks a lot like 2004's Hurricane Charley, which caused a lot of damage in Lee and Charlotte Counties, although Fay is nowhere near as strong as Charley was crossing Cuba. It looks like either a strong tropical storm or a minimal Category 1 hurricane are the likeliest possibilities. Some wind, lots of rain, little or no major damage, and hopefully the power stays on.

I'm guessing that I may not be working Monday night for Tuesday, since they close the bridges when the winds go over 50 mile per hour. If we have a tropical storm or hurricane here on Tuesday morning, there almost certainly won't be any mail delivery that day. It also means that Wednesday, which is normally the slowest day of the week, would be more like a Monday, with two days worth of mail to deliver. Gonna have to play it by ear and keep an eye on the weather web sites.