Scene Shift

From Denver (yesterday) to Dayton (today) to St. Paul (Monday).

Yesterday, Senator Barack Obama accepted his party's nomination for President of the United States. His earlier choice of Senator Joe Biden of Delaware as his vice-presidential pick was uninspired in my opinion. This isn't change, it's business as usual in Washington, just under different proprietorship.

This morning, the rumors are running wild that Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska will be announced today as Senator John McCain's running mate. If true, this would be an interesting pick. I've been saying for a long time that McCain needs a game-changer for his running mate: A fresh face who is someone other than another white male. Picking a woman or a person of color would show that the Republican party can be just as inclusive as the Democrats. Another name mentioned earlier was Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, an Indian-American.

Both Palin and Jindal are relatively youthful and thus relatively inexperienced compared to someone like Biden. However, when compared to Obama, the man at the top of the Democrats' ticket, they are no more inexperienced than he is, and thus, it is no more of a stretch to visualize them in the Oval Office if something should happen to a hypothetical President McCain.

We'll find out officially at noon today. Personally, I'll be quite pleased if it is Gov. Palin. Then on to St. Paul, and let the games begin!

Update: As of 10:30, Fox News is reporting that Sarah Palin will indeed be John McCain's running mate. It's a bold move, and I like it.