Thoughts For Today

I haven't watched much of the Olympics, but it was on in the break room at lunch time, so I watched some women's gymnastics and men's swimming. The biggest name we've heard is American swimmer Michael Phelps, who is winning gold medals left and right, both individually and with the American team. One thing I heard is that they've been setting world records in several different events. In the men's swimming, the records have not just been broken but blown away.

So I'm curious: Is it that the athletes themselves are better than in the past, or is it superior training and equipment? Or perhaps a combination of the two? One thing's for certain: The new high-tech equipment (swim suits, running shoes and clothing, etc.) that the athletes have can't hurt. And in sports where records are measured in tenths or hundredths of seconds, every little advantage helps, even if it's ergonomically designed clothing that is lighter and enables the athlete to move faster.

Second thought for the day: I saw in the entertainment news a couple of weeks ago that one of the movie studios is getting ready to do a remake of 1984's Red Dawn. With recent events in the Caucasus, it appears that this one should be set in Georgia rather than Colorado, although that would be the Georgia whose capital is Tbilisi rather than the one whose capital is Atlanta.

I wonder how you say "Wolverines!" in Georgian?