In the news, this funny story, about a man in Longmont, Colorado, who tried to get an "adult novelty store" to give him free porn by posing as an "age verification inspector" from the local police department. He tried not once but three times, to no avail. After the third try, the store manager called the cops, who are looking for the con artist. I guess they'll go after him for impersonating a policeman (badly), but in my opinion the real crime was walking around with sunglasses on top of his head.

And talk about a chilling effect: The dude was caught on surveillance video in an "adult novelty store." Yeah, the cameras are everywhere, but you'd hope for a little privacy while you were trying to scam the store out of a copy of Barely Legal #37. Well, you would if you were the faux Porn Inspector dude. Lesson to be learned: If you don't want to appear on surveillance cameras while purchasing "adult novelties," the internet is your best bet.

And for another laugh, check out this post from Iowahawk. Seems he got a threatening letter from the digital brownshirts at Accountable America, a left-wing fringe group that threatens to dig into the personal lives of Republican campaign donors. On a serious note, is this what politics has degenerated to? If so, then maybe we deserve the John Edwardses, the Barack Obamas and the John McCains. That's the best we're likely to get. Ugh.