Talk About Coitus Interruptus!

A local NBC-2 television news story:
Sex while driving brings DUI charge

FORT MYERS BEACH: Authorities have charged a Fort Myers man with driving under the influence after an accident on March 29th that left his naked passenger lying on the side of the road.

A blood test revealed that Joe Conner, who was driving the Jeep, had a blood alcohol level of .22 - almost three times the legal limit.

The vehicle's passenger, Susan McBride, was thrown from the Jeep in the accident and suffered major injuries.

Arrest reports that were just released shed some light on why McBride may have been naked at the time of the accident.

Deputies say Conner told them McBride, "wanted to have sex and started to take her clothes off."

He went on to explain to authorities that the two were traveling down Estero Boulevard, "having sex at the time the vehicle lost control."

The Jeep hit three mailboxes and a guard rail before finally coming to rest in a ditch.

The arrest report also said McBride has permanent disfigurement on her face from scarring caused by the crash.

McBride's neighbor described her injuries in more detail.

"Thirty percent of her body was road burn. She had a severe concussion and contusions on the head, stitches and a broken rib," said Kathy Rivera.
Ouch! They never put that part in the Penthouse letters! Later in the story, the woman denies that she was having sex with the driver at the time of the crash. However, she was found naked on the ground at the scene of the crash, which occurred around 1 a.m. And that is the sort of thing that could cause an already inebriated driver to lose control of the vehicle.

Also, it should be noted that the Jeep didn't lose control, the driver lost control over the Jeep. Don't blame inanimate objects when you screw up, folks.

And if you're drunk and feeling frisky, get a room! It'll be a lot cheaper than an emergency room visit would be.