Just Once...

Is anyone else as sick and tired of the Don Imus Apology Tour as I am? I mean, Anna Nicole Smith-level sick and tired. Yeah, he said something on his radio show that he thought was humorous that most other people didn't find humorous at all. Then the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Perpetually Offended got ahold of it, and were, predictably, offended. You saw people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, both of whom have made racially offensive comments in the past, come out of the woodwork and demand that Imus be fired from his radio show. And then you saw Imus begin his apology tour, groveling to all and sundry.

Well, I think he owed those women basketball players from Rutgers an apology for what he said about them. But I don't think he needs to lick the polish off Al Sharpton's shoes, or Jesse Jackson's, or Hillary Clinton's, or those of anyone else weighing in on the matter. He's gotten suspended for two weeks, for saying something far more offensive than what got Rush Limbaugh canned from Monday Night Football several years ago. But Imus's show has been popular, and without Imus, there is no show. So he won't be fired, and if some sponsors bail on him, they'll be back after the heat is off in a month or two.

I'll tell you, though, just once, just ONCE, I'd like to see someone in the position that Imus is in "man up" and say, "Yeah, I said it, and I'm not sorry! I thought it was funny at the time. If you're offended, then grow a thicker skin! You don't have a constitutional right to go through life without being offended! If you don't like it, then don't listen to my show and don't buy the products from my show's sponsors. There are plenty of other people who will. I'm not going to kowtow to political correctness, and I'm not going to lick the polish off Al Sharpton's shoes!"

It'll never happen, though.