A Pet Peeve (or Two)

For Pete's sake, people, there is no such word as "efforting"! Effort is NOT A VERB!! Growl!

While I'm being peeved, I don't like it when a fantasy story set in another world starts giving characters English names like Martin, Amos and William. Or a French name like Guy, for that matter. If you're in a world where there is no England, then the characters don't speak English and shouldn't have English given names! It completely spoils the ambience and the suspension of disbelief required in good fiction. I guess the only good thing I can say is that none of the characters are named Christian. Yet. And yes, it's an old series that I'm just now discovering, but the first book was pretty good, but the author really annoyed me by doing this in the second book. I already bought the third and fourth books in the series, though, so I guess I'll have to read them to find out what happens next. But I'm not happy about it.