"Lighten Up and Get A Life!"

There's a lot of things about presidential candidate Sen. John McCain that rub me the wrong way, starting with his McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law. But I really liked his response to critics when he told them they needed to "lighten up and get a life."

Amen, brother! "Oh, he might have insulted the Iranians! We don't want the Iranians to be mad at us! Let's wring our hands!" Let's not. And the "Bomb Iran" parody goes all the way back to 1980, by the way. Those of us old enough to remember the Iran hostage crisis remember hearing it... And agreeing with it.

I heard what the wimps at MoveOn.org had to say about Senator McCain's comments, and my response to them was unprintable. When I heard his "lighten up and get a life" reply, my estimation of him went up a couple of notches. "Straight talk," indeed. We need to hear more of it.