Spotted in the Mail

Last night, I saw a rather humorous large advertising postcard. It was addressed to a guy locally. It had the word "EARTHQUAKE" in large jagged letters that were splitting apart in the center and warned that earthquake damage is not covered by standard homeowner's insurance. The other side showed a map of the U.S. with the level of danger on a rainbow scale from Red (High) through Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and then finally the lowest level of danger, White. The entire state of Florida is White, except for the little bump at the northern end of the state that juts into Georgia, which is Blue.

So this company is sending this to a guy whose home is about as likely to be struck by a meteor as it is to suffer earthquake damage. I wonder if that same company sends warnings about hurricane damage not being covered by standard homeowner's policies to Montana and the Dakotas? I hope the guy who gets it has as good a laugh over it as I did.

Where is the Red? All along the Pacific Coast from Washington to California, plus southern Alaska and the Big Island of Hawaii, and the area where Missouri meets Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas around the New Madrid fault. If you live in any of those areas, make sure you keep your earthquake premiums current.