One Shoe Drops on Imus

The other shoe hangs by a shoelace. Last night, MSNBC announced that they will no longer simulcast Don Imus's radio show. Instead of suspending him for two weeks as they'd originally planned, they're pulling the plug entirely. And there are those at CBS, whose WFAN affiliate produces Imus's radio show, that want him gone as well. The tidal wave continues to rise.

I think Imus has made one huge mistake in the past few days: He hasn't gone into rehab. Remember the guy on the TV show (not one I watch, so I don't remember his name) who used a slur about gays to refer to a co-star on his show? Like many others who have gotten into trouble with drugs or alcohol or simply just saying something stupid, he went into rehab. Yes, nowadays just about any sin can be washed away in the Holy Light of Rehab. Hallelujah! Imus hasn't done that, and he probably should have.

Why is this so? Because while in the past, alcoholism and drug abuse were considered to be signs of personality flaws and moral degeneracy, today they are "illnesses," and those who suffer from them are considered to be victims who are not responsible for their behavior. When you look at it like that, then it's easy to hear someone say, "Hey, that was the booze/drugs talking! I'm not really like that! It was the disease! It's not my fault!" and think, "Well, golly, he's right! He's a victim, too, so we have to forgive him."

But Imus hasn't been astute enough to blame Demon Rum or Peruvian Marching Powder for his hurtful words. He hasn't humbled himself by going into one of those $1000-a-day rehab centers. He hasn't made himself a fellow victim, and therefore, he cannot be sympathized with or forgiven by those in our society who believe that only their fellow victims can be righteous.

So that's my advice for Imus: Go into rehab! Quickly, before the radio gig goes up in smoke as well.