And While We're On the Subject...

I ripped a couple of comedy CDs to my iPod over the weekend. They were Have You Seen Me Lately and Leader of the Banned, both by the late Sam Kinison. Out of curiosity, I went to Wikipedia and looked up his entry and found that tomorrow, April 10th, is the 15th anniversary of his death. He was killed by a drunk driver, which was bitterly ironic considering that part of his shtick was making light of groups that opposed drunk driving. I still thought he was funny as hell.

So here's to you, Sam, wherever you may be spending your afterlife. Need I note that this may be NSFW? It's his video for "Wild Thing," featuring Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Billy Idol and Slash, as well as Jessica Hahn. And if you're muttering, "Fifteen years? Has it really been that long?!" then you're probably old, like me. Likewise if you remember who Jessica Hahn was.