In Like a Lion

Quick update: Logic prevailed and the oddly-numbered machines were renumbered when we got to work last night. Fancy that!

February's gone. It goes by fast. Blink and you miss it, as months go. It's not interminable like August or one of the other 31-day months during hurricane season. Up North, February is cold and snowy and bleak, the time of year when people wonder if the blizzards will ever end or whether the current interglacial period has come to an end and a new ice age has begun. In Florida, of course, that's not the case; our winter weather is always comparatively mild, even during the worst cold snaps.

I'm sure that the people in the frozen northlands are happy to look at a new page on the calendar, one perhaps showing a crocus forcing a flower bud up through the snow. Spring's not far away now. Really. The interglacial will continue. Hopefully. Or else you'll all be moving to Florida (ice-sheet free for over 100,000 years).


Karen Zipdrive said...

It's times like spring when we in the South cancel out those excited autumn leaf peepers in the North.
Ha, enjoy the brown slush, snowbirds.

barbara said...

I like being in the middle- western north carolina. Winter is not too harsh and summer is not too insufferable.

Last Saturday was so warm & mild, I decided winter was done. I lugged the kerosene heater out to the shed and disconnected the extension cords that run to the heat tape wrapped around my well pump and water pipes. Sunday night it snowed and I woke up to 5 inches. (of snow) ...sound of palm of hand smacking forehead

ps. crocuses are blooming, daffodils are up but not open.

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