Feets, Don't Fail Me Now!

In which our hero hotfoots it out of work on time when the supervisors neglect to notify him that he has to stay for overtime. They got just about everyone else, apparently, but said nary a word about overtime to me. Some people went and asked if they had overtime and were promptly nailed, but not me; Mama didn't raise no fools. If I'm told that I have to stay (with at least an hour's notice), then I stay. Other than that, it's "hasta la vista, baby!" I'm not a volunteer and I'm not cutting them any slack.

It almost wasn't worth making my escape, since I got stuck in traffic. I saw flashing lights up ahead, grokked " traffic accident -- delay ahead" and decided to take an alternate route. U-turn, back to the last light, left turn. They say that two wrongs don't make a right, but a U-turn and a left do. The radio played the traffic report and mentioned the accident two minutes after I'd started on the alternate route. Fat lot of good it did me then.

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Anonymous said...

The driving up here has been hazardous. The cops closed my route to the Turnpike due to ice, so I had to go the long way. It made me half an hour late for work, which is frowned upon.