The Magic 8-Ball Says

"Try again later."

But do go read James Lileks' "The Bleat" today. It's wonderfully evocative and made me think back to Easter trips to my grandparents' farm in west Texas, long long ago. I started to write about it, but it made me melancholy. You can't go home again.


barbara said...

A little melancholy is okay, especially if it springs from nostalgia. Does is make you sad cuz you miss that time, or cuz you have unhappy memories?

Lileks does write movingly...it made me picture my grandparents homes. And a brief email from my Mom about going to Mass on Holy Thursday unleashed a fever of homesickness in me that lasted the entire Easter week-end.

True, you can't go home again...but you can visit in your mind anytime....

Clyde said...

Oh, the memories are all happy, Barbara. But my grandparents have passed on, the farm's been sold... Things just ain't the way they used to be.