Must-See TV

Second try; @#$%ing Blogger ate the first draft.

I've been watching the Congressional hearings on steroids in baseball. The players are just now starting to testify. The previous panel, made up of medical and scientific professionals and of parents who had lost sons to steroid abuse, was quite interesting. At times, the testimony was a bit contentious, especially between Major League Baseball's medical advisor and Rep. Waxman of California. Sammy Sosa has just made his statement, and now Mark McGwire is giving his. He seems a bit choked up by the testimony of the parents whose sons committed suicide while on steroids.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of all of this. The last panel's testimony may be the most contentious of all, when MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and other front office executives are called before the Congress. It all makes for riveting television if you're a baseball fan.


barbara said...

I know you are a big baseball fan, and I love the game too- but more in a "Field of Dream" - "League of Their Own" - "The Rookie" kind of way, that no longer exists. It really burns my butt that our government is wasting its time on this.

money money money.
It's all about greed. Mark McGwire's "accomplishments" are meaningless. But bulked up ball players are the league's problem. I'm sure I'm uninformed about some underlying issues that make this something that, as a tax payer, I should care about.

barbara said...

Cripes. I just read that some legislator in TX wants to enact a law to ban sexy moves in cheerleading. Is there no common sense left in this country? Shouldn't the school cheerleading coach know better? Does the goverment have to babysit every f-in body?

This all makes me feel very crabby.

Clyde said...

Just FYI, Barbara, Texas State Rep. Al Edwards is a Democrat.

HapHaszard said...

Texas? Darn it sounds more like the Peoples Repubic of California.

barbara said...

I never said that republicans had the monopoly on dumb. ;)

BTW - I read The Kite Runner this weekend. There was a passage in which a dispossessed Afghani was ripping on Carter - I immediately thought of you.

Clyde said...

I'm hardly the only one who's ripped on Carter. There were millions of us who voted him out of office in 1980 (my first presidential election). :-)