March of Folly

I got to work last night and found out that my bosses have apparently lost their minds. Word has it that the Big Cheese got chewed out by his bosses last week and so we all must pay the price with punitive overtime. The plan is to force non-overtime-desired-list people like myself to work 16 hours of overtime per week and max out everyone else. They didn't get either of my days off this week since they fall at the beginning of the week, but they still plan to make us work two hours of overtime at the end of four of our five workdays, in addition to working eight hours on one of our two days off. Needless to say, this was quite unpopular with those of us not on the OTDL. If I wanted to work overtime, I'd be on the OTDL. They won't get my days off in either of the next two weeks, since I have a week's vacation next week in conjunction with my days off. If they try to tell me to come in on that following weekend, I'll tell them to get stuffed. Hopefully this madness will be over before my vacation ends. If not, then I'll have to take steps.

Apparently God doesn't like unrighteous people passing out punitive overtime, because He smote the UTS last night. A couple of the cars derailed and from what I heard, the wheels even came off of them. Sounds like a major repair job, which isn't really good news. On the other hand, though, the timing was perfect. It's almost enough to get me to reassess my agnosticism. If there is a God, he doesn't like the Big Cheese.

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