Where the Buffalo Roam

Soon, in your pocket. Yes, the U.S. Mint has just released 97 million newly-redesigned "buffalo" nickels, with a different portrait of Thomas Jefferson on the front and an American bison on the back. I had an old buffalo nickel from about 1935 when I was kid, along with an 1890 Indian head penny. Everything old is new again.

I've been really pleased to see the Lebanese people demonstrating in the streets against Syrian tyranny. The "people power" element is reminiscent of what happened in Ukraine a couple of months ago, as people are no longer willing to knuckle under to dictators. Change is coming to the Middle East, and it's a bad time to be a dictator in Damascus or Teheran. The press photographers seem to be drawn to some of the photogenic young women waving Lebanese flags and holding up their V-for-victory signs. And who can blame them? I'm just glad that these pretty young women don't have to hide their light under a bushel. Burkas? Just say no! (Photos via Instapundit ).


barbara said...

I love the old buffalo nickels. I have one in my jewelry box that looks like it was made of pewter. I'll have to check the date on it when I get home....

Karen Zipdrive said...

As a little kid, I once swiped my brother's blue book filled with old nickels, popped them all out and went and bought candy with them.