Prodigals' Return

The two delivery barcode sorters that had been at Page Field Station returned to our plant over the weekend. My machine (DBCS #14) is no longer the end of the line, since one of the machines from Page Field is now behind mine. Unfortunately, they didn't take out the yellow safety rails that were behind my machine, so they are still blocking us from moving equipment around. I told my supervisor that I really, REALLY want them gone when I come in tonight. If that doesn't work, I'll go up the chain of command.

The only other little problem is that management didn't give the DBCS operators with bids at Page Field the thirty days notice that they are contractually entitled to, which means that we have the machines but not the operators, at least for the time being. Right hand, meet left hand.

And while we're on the subject, what's wrong with this series of numbers:



And yes, those are our machine numbers, with 28 and 29 being the two "new" machines; 1 through "28" are the machines on the right side of the aisle as you enter the front of the building, and 16 through 27 are the ones coming back on the left side. Seems to me that the "new" machines should have been numbered "2" and "15", but there I go making sense again. Darn that patriarchal mathematical logic!

We won't go into a discussion here of Larry Summers' politically incorrect comments. Pointed japes at Ward Churchill are welcome, however. Anyone want to buy an "original" serigraph?


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