The World's Smallest Violin

Sad, whiny articles from the BBC and the Associated Press about the "severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza." Well, somebody call the waaaah-mbulance! There's a "severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza" because the Palestinians have brought it on themselves. If they would stop firing rockets into Israel and behave like civilized people instead of barbarians, then Israel would have no reason to blow the crap out of them and crimp their economy. Frankly, I have zero sympathy for the Palestinians at this point. If somebody in Mexico was firing rockets into the U.S., how long do you think we would put up with it? Delta Force would be taking care of it within 24 hours.

If I was running Israel, I would obliterate a square mile of Gaza with artillery for every rocket fired into Israel, with a small amount of warning given of the location to be destroyed so that the noncombatants could flee, if they chose to do so. And I'd keep blowing up a square mile of Gaza for each rocket fired until either the rockets stopped coming or Gaza was nothing but rubble. There aren't that many square miles of Gaza anyway, so it wouldn't take too long for the Palestinians to get the point.

Unfortunately, the Israelis are far too soft-hearted to do something like that, so they'll keep taking casualties from rockets being fired by Palestinian terrorists. Sometimes, you have to say, "If it comes down to either us or them surviving, I'm picking us. To hell with them." And it's much easier to say that about terrorists and their enablers.

You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.

And don't even get me started about the foolishness of Condi Rice flitting around the Middle East trying to keep the "peace process" going. Newsflash, Secretary Rice: THERE IS NO "PEACE PROCESS" BECAUSE THERE IS NO DESIRE FOR "PEACE" FROM THE PALESTINIANS. Israel cannot make "peace" with a neighbor whose citizens repeatedly commit terrorist acts. And if they have to give Gaza the "Carthage treatment," well, there are still plenty of Palestinians in the West Bank. It's not like they're an endangered species or anything like that.