Ick! Just, Ick!

There are multiple versions of this story out there in the news, and most of them go something like this:

Sex-For-Gas Offer Ends In Stabbing
An east Valley woman who bartered sex for gas money ended up stabbing her victim while partially severing her finger, Maricopa County sheriff's deputies said.

Kelli Still, 43, was arrested by deputies, transported to the Fourth Avenue Jail and charged with aggravated assault with a weapon.

With gas prices soaring, Still bartered oral sex for gas money with a male acquaintance over the weekend, deputies said.

The encounter did not result in a contractual sex act but an aggravated assault when the woman pulled out a pair of scissors and began attacking the man, according to deputies.

Michael Hamilton suffered numerous stab wounds to the face and chest, sheriff's investigators said.

Still also suffered wounds from the scissor attack, deputies said.When authorities arrived at the residence in Mesa, both people were covered in blood.

Still told deputies the fight was a result of a sex-for-gas contract gone bad.
In another version of the story, however, the man tells a very different tale:
Hamilton disputes the deputies’ account of the assault. He has visible stab wounds under his right eye and on the back of his head. Hamilton says he did not know Still. He added that she appeared at the house, let herself in and grabbed his wallet. She emerged from the house a pair of scissors in her hand and a fight ensued. Puddles of blood remain visible on his driveway.
Hmmm... I would guess that her version of the story is closer to the truth, and that he made some kind of crude comment about how unattractive she was, which brought on the attack with the scissors. Some times you're better off celibate.