Super Tuesday II

It should be an interesting day today, at least in the Democrat primaries in Ohio and Texas. Can Hillary Clinton make a comeback and blunt Barack Obama's momentum? Or will the charismatic Illinois Senator put the final nail in Hillary's coffin?

The polls give Hillary the edge in Ohio but Obama a very slight edge in Texas. It's unlikely that Hillary will be able to make huge gains in her delegate deficit, though, since the way the delegates are assigned is somewhat arcane. It's possible that she could win the popular vote in Texas and still get fewer delegates than Obama.

My guess: The polls are close to accurate, Hillary gets a split in the two states, gains a few delegates and decides to soldier on through the Pennsylvania primary, saying that the failure of Obama to get landslide victories in both states shows that there is still some uncertainty out there about who the Democrats want to represent their party in November. If Hillary loses both Ohio and Texas, then I think she's toast.