My B.S. Detector Just Went Off

Here's a funny little story in the news, about Barack Obama campaign adviser Samantha Power's mouth getting her in trouble. Seems she had an on-the-record interview with The Scotsman in which she talked about her new book, and then she started talking about the campaign and slipped up when she said of Hillary Clinton:
"She is a monster, too – that is off the record – she is stooping to anything." Though Power had tried to withdraw the remark, it occurred during an on-the-record interview.

"You just look at her and think: ergh. But if you are poor and she is telling you some story about how Obama is going to take your job away, maybe it will be more effective. The amount of deceit she has put forward is really unattractive."

"That is off the record." Unfortunately, just slipping that in after a faux pas in an on-the-record interview doesn't make it "off-the-record."

But the funniest part was yet to come. Ms. Power apologized by saying:
"These comments do not reflect my feelings about Sen. Clinton, whose leadership and public service I have long admired.”
Puh-leeze! If those comments do not reflect her feelings about Sen. Clinton, then why did she make them? The truth is that she said exactly what she felt about Sen. Clinton, and she is not alone in those feelings. Does she really expect anyone to believe that she said something in an unguarded moment that she didn't really think? Come on, Samantha! I was born at night, but not LAST night!

UPDATE 03/07/2008 7:47 p.m.: Make that "ex-campaign adviser," as Ms. Power resigned her position today. Having read some of her foreign policy views, I'm not sad to see her go, not that I was going to vote for her candidate anyway.