Yielding to Temptation

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I kept going back to the Amazon page with the new 32 GB iPod Touch and lusting after it, and going back, and going back. Inevitably, I finally yielded to temptation and bought one this morning. I also got a leather holster case for it.

I also finally gave in to reality and decided to accept their offer to join Amazon Prime, which for $79 per year gives you free two-day shipping on all orders. As much as I buy from Amazon over the course of a year, it makes sense to just pay a lump sum and get two-day shipping on everything from now on. This means I should have my new iPod Touch on Wednesday. Then I'll go into a frenzy of CD ripping on the rest of my music collection. We'll see how close to 32 GB I can get. Currently, my iTunes has 13 GB worth of music. I'll probably end up doubling that by the time everything is ripped.

I don't know how useful the wi-fi functions will be on it, since I live out in the sticks, and I don't know if there's any kind of wi-fi network at work that I can latch onto. Then again, I have other ways to access the Internet. And for lugging my music collection around in the palm of my hand (which will be its primary function for me), it will serve the purpose admirably.