Random Thoughts

This date will be much more hyped next year than it is today. Why? Because today is Abraham Lincoln's 199th birthday. Next year, February 12th will be the Lincoln Bicentennial. It will be a big deal, at least for one day, because we like round numbers that end in 00 or 50. It's just how we are. Today? Not so much, since nobody gets Lincoln's Birthday off as a holiday any more.

Hillary Clinton needs to start beating Barack Obama in some states. She hasn't won anything since Super Tuesday, and she may lose all three primaries taking place today in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Well, it wouldn't be correct to say that she "hasn't won anything" lately; she sure put a beat-down on that MSNBC chump who said that it was like the Clintons were "pimping out" Chelsea on the campaign trail. Unfortunately, getting maladroit talking heads fired doesn't win any delegates. It does let the networks know who's boss, though. Expect the regular fawning coverage to resume from MSNBC if Hillary gets the Democrat nomination.

Uno the beagle is trying to break a jinx at the Westminster Dog Show. No beagle has ever won "best of show" in its 100-year history. Uno won the hound competition yesterday to go on to the grand finale, the first beagle to do so. He's a literal underdog, so I'm pulling for him to win.

It was 40 below zero in International Falls, Minnesota yesterday. Al Gore, call your office!