Mississippi: The Nanny State?

Health nazis: I hate 'em! They go against everything that America stands for: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And unfortunately, they think that they must change our unhealthy behaviors "for our own good," because they are so much wiser than we are about how we should live our lives. So they want to legislate away all of our unhealthy choices: Tobacco, alcohol, fatty foods, and on and on.

In the state of Mississippi, hardly a bastion of liberal folly, three members of the state legislature have proposed a bill that would ban all restaurants that are licensed by the state health department from serving any food to people who are deemed to be obese. That's ALL food, not just fatty food. If that bill were to pass, obese people in Mississippi would have no choice but to eat at home, because they wouldn't even be able to purchase a low-calorie salad or vegetable platter at any restaurant in the state.

Two of these three morons are Republicans, one is a Democrat. As the linked article at TheSmokingGun.com notes, this bill is probably dead on arrival, as it should be. But for the citizens of Mississippi who elected those dimbulbs who proposed it, this should be a call for action. All three of those fools should be invited to return to private life at the next electoral opportunity.

Can you imagine all of the restaurants in the Magnolia State having to purchase scales in order to weigh any customer who looks like he or she might be obese? Do you trust fast food workers who can barely get your order right to read the height and weight tables? And what about drive-through lanes? Since everyone would have to come in and be weighed before they could purchase anything, drive-through lanes would go the way of the dinosaurs in Mississippi.

"I'm sorry, Jim Bob, but I can't sell you anything. The law says you're fifty pounds overweight for your height, and there's nothing I can do about it. There's a health food store across the street, though. Maybe you can get some tofu and sprouts there. Come back when you've lost the weight and you can have that Big Mac and fries you want."