The Audacity of Mope?

Oh, boy, we've got another presidential candidate! Yes, the lugubrious Ralph Nader has just announced that once again, he is going to run for president. Because we just didn't have enough candidates in the race who didn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of getting elected, I guess.

As the Sunday Fox & Friends crew just noted, the gloomy-looking Nader isn't particularly charismatic. A picture of Nader was shown on screen, and they noted that he was smiling. "That's as much as you get?" one of them asked. Apparently. Nader is the anti-Obama, but he's not going to get elected on the "audacity of mope." Indeed, he's not going to get elected at all, and anyone who gives him money for his election campaign might as well just set fire to it. Quicker that way.