The Unkindest Cut

I just read that Grateful Dead members Phil Lesh (age 67), Bob Weir (age 60) and Mickey Hart (age 64) are reuniting for a concert on Monday in San Francisco as part of a GOTV (Get Out The Vote) campaign for a Democrat presidential candidate. Hmmmm... Which one do you think it is? Would it be the 60-year-old former hippie chick who hung out in Berkeley in the summer of '71 with her boyfriend Bill?

She fits in nicely with the age demographic of many Grateful Dead fans. But no, they're not playing for Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama, this note's for you.

They did a nice job on that poster, by the way, fusing the Dead logo with Obama's campaign logo. "Fired Up And Ready To Go!" And I don't think they're talking about their bong.