The other day, my friends at Apple sent me an e-mail, suggesting that an iPod would make a nice Valentine's Day gift. They also mentioned that they are adding a new member to their iPod Touch line, with a new 32 GB version available. The cost: $500, give or take. Amazon.com has it available for pre-order at $494.

It looks really, really cool. I like my little 2nd generation 8 GB iPod Nano, which I've had for a year and a half, but I already have more than 13 GB of stuff that I've ripped to iTunes from my CD collection, and I could probably rip several GB more, but I can only squeeze 7.45 GB onto the Nano. To put on something new, I have to take something off, because it's almost completely full (currently 57 MB free).

The iPod Touch is a bit larger and heavier than the Nano, and I don't know whether it is quite as robust, but with 32 GB of Flash memory (less the amount needed for the operating system, of course), I would be able to put all of the music I own on it! Add that it has built-in wi-fi, and it looks like a pretty cool gizmo.

I'm tempted, I'm very, very tempted. It would indeed make a great Valentine's Day present, and who would I rather lavish such an expensive present on than myself? The list is quite short...