Teddy: Get In the Cah, Hillary

As if having JFK's daughter endorse Barack Obama wasn't bad enough for Hillary Clinton, now word comes that Uncle Teddy is going to endorse Obama as well: Ted Kennedy embraces Obama

The powerful senior Senator from Massachusetts is a major player in Democrat party politics, and many Hispanics like him because of his co-sponsorship (with Republican John McCain) of the amnesty bill for illegal aliens, which might peel off some of the Hispanic support that Hillary currently enjoys.

Like me, most Republicans find Ted Kennedy a repugnant figure, but for people in his party, he's as much a hero as Josef Stalin is to this day among many Russians. (Although, to be fair, Ted Kennedy has killed a lot fewer people than Stalin did.) This is not an inconsequential endorsement for Democrats.

One piece of advice for Hillary: Keep your scuba gear handy.