Cold Enough For You?

Yeah, me too. It's 31 degrees outside. I don't think we made it down into the 20s, but we have definitely broken the old record for this date of 34 degrees back in 1979. This appears to be the coldest day here since 1996. You're probably thinking, "Gee, 31 degrees doesn't sound so bad." And where you're at, it probably isn't. It's probably warmer than what you have right now, unless you're in Hawaii. But if you want to compare it to how it feels to us Floridians, just go to your local newspaper's weather section, find the record low for today and subtract three degrees. THAT is how cold it feels to us.

It was kind of funny at work last night, because a few people were having cognitive dissonance with reality and were wearing shorts! I told one friend in shorts that he reminded me of a tropical bird that got blown off course and ended up in the Arctic, and didn't know what to do. Another friend in shorts told me that he doesn't even own a pair of long pants any more, just shorts. With the exception of one black guy on the earlier tour who was wearing long baggy shorts that hung down past his knees, all of the guys wearing shorts were white. The Haitians and Hispanics were all bundled up; they're no more acclimated to cold weather than I am.

Final weather comment: Al Gore is a charlatan. If this is "global warming," then we need to build a few more coal-fired power plants and run them full blast for a while.