New Stuff

I got a shipment in from Amazon today. I got the Bangles' Return to Bangleonia DVD, which is a live concert from September 2000 at the House of Blues in L.A.; a Bangles CD, Glitter Years: Rarities & Gems, which has four songs that I didn't already have on the Bangles' four studio albums; and finally, the four-disc Collector's Edition of Blade Runner.

I just finished watching the Bangleonia DVD, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's too bad it took them seven years to put the DVD out. The concert consists of 18 songs which are a mix of older material and new songs that the group had not yet recorded for their Doll Revolution album that came out in early 2003. There are also a couple of acoustic songs in the extras, as well as a commentary track for the concert featuring Susanna Hoffs, Vicki Peterson and Debbi Peterson, and a photo gallery. This DVD is a must for any Bangles fan.

The Blade Runner set includes four different versions of the movie, including the Final Cut from 2007, the original 1982 U.S. Theatrical Cut, the 1982 International Cut and the 1992 Director's Cut, all of them digitally remastered. It will be interesting to watch all four different versions and note the differences. I could have spent another $25 and gotten the super-duper-deluxe five-disc set with the Working Cut as well, but that seemed like overkill. Indeed, four different versions probably is overkill. It all comes down to whether or not you like Deckard's voiceover and the happy ending of the original version that was in the theaters in 1982. I'll have to wait until later to watch this, since there's football games for the rest of tonight...