One of Those Days

Some days are effortless; everything comes together like it should and runs smoothly.

Today was not one of those days.

I was running on short sleep, since I had stayed up past my bedtime reading a book. Add on various petty annoyances, a paper cut near the end of the day, and a horrifically bad mailing that came apart running through the machine, and you had all the ingredients for a forgettable day.

That mailing was one of the worst I've ever seen. I didn't feed it through the machine the first time, but it didn't really look that bad until it went through the machine, popped the seals on the back end and ripped the cover part with the address off on most of the mail pieces. By the time we were through running that mail, I had a half-tray filled with shredded pieces for the Rewraps people to play with, and I would cheerfully have signed the death warrant for the person who designed that mailing. And not some wimpy "lethal injection," either! Whoever came up with that mailing deserves to suffer for a while.