Spotted in the Valentine's Day Candy Aisle

Walking along the holiday aisle, I spotted all of the usual Valentine's Day candy: Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, conversation hearts, Hershey's Kisses in various and sundry flavors (New York Cheesecake Creme? Cherry Cordial?), etc. And one thing I hadn't expected to see: Packages of all-green M&M's candies.

Now, why would there be packages of all-green M&M's in the Valentine's Day candy aisle? Because the urban legend has it that green M&M's are an aphrodisiac.

Is it true? Well, Ms. Green certainly hints that it is. "Green is the new color of love," the M&M's press release tells us. You'd better get them quickly if you want them, though, since the all-green packages will only be available through Valentine's Day.

You know, M&M's is actually missing a trick on this, since they should keep the all-green packages available for another month -- through St. Patrick's Day, the traditional "green" holiday. I'm not the one running their marketing department, however.