Slingshots and Vodka?

That's what the New York Post claims a source told them that the Tiger Boys had on them when they were mauled by the tiger at the San Francisco Zoo. Well, the empty vodka bottle was allegedly found in their car, but supposedly they had the slingshots on them. Not the sort of item that a totally innocent victim would be carrying on his person.

Now, if it comes out at the civil liability trial that they did, indeed, have slingshots on them, do you know how much money I would give them? Nada! I'd say that the zoo was liable to the point that I wouldn't make the Dhaliwals pay to replace the tiger, but I wouldn't give them a dime. They're lucky that I won't be on their jury at the civil trial.

It sounds like they are India-Indian, so maybe one of their relatives might want to explain to them about the concept of karma coming around to bite you in the ass (and other places) if you do bad things. If the Post's report is true, then they got what they deserved: Karma in the incarnation of an angry tiger, coming to chastise them for their evil deeds.

In a place like liberal San Francisco, with its large contingent of vegans and Animal Liberation Front types, the Dhaliwals and the family of the dead boy might have a hard time getting a sympathetic jury if their own wrongdoing led to their injuries. They'll be lawyered up with high-powered shysters, but that might not be enough if the people on the jury feel that they brought it on themselves.

It's almost makes you believe in God, albeit an angry, Old Testament God. The only thing that would have been a better indication would have been a pack of wild dogs attacking Michael Vick.