What The... ?

I saw in the news that the women from the FLDS polygamist sect now have a web site where they are selling their pioneer-style children's clothing, and they say that they have gotten a lot of interest in the women's dresses as well.

Hmmmm. On the one hand, I can see parents wanting their daughters to not look like trampy little Bratz dolls, but dressing them up like Polygamist Teen Wife #3 seems like it's going a bit too far.

And the women's dresses? Really, how many women would really want to wear something that long and heavy on a regular basis? I looked at their web site, and the only underwear available for both sexes is long underwear. It has to be miserable to wear that combination in Texas heat. You would think that a loving God would tell His prophet to let His worshipers know that it's okay for them to dress comfortably for the climate where they live.

I suspect that the only market for those adult-sized dresses would be as a costume for bedroom role-playing, where He is Polygamist Sect Patriarch and She is Polygamist Teen Wife #3. Not that there's anything wrong with that as long as everyone involved is a consenting adult.