Springtime For Algore

May 11, 2011. Mark that date on your calendar. Why? Because that's when Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth makes the leap to a whole new format: Opera. And it won't be playing at just any old opera house, but at La Scala in Milan. (That's in Italy for all of you monolingual Americans out there.) Yup, Big Al Gore's Big Old Movie is going to hit the hoity-toity Big Time.

Will there be singing polar bears? That's what I want to know. They can be animatronic; that's fine with me. Even actors in polar bear costumes would be acceptable (although NO REAL FUR, people! PETA would have a, well, cow). Maybe there could be an Esther Williams-style swimming number for the polar bears as well.

One commenter at Roger L. Simon's Pajamas Media site noted that the song "Springtime For Hitler" comes to mind. Yeah, it does seem as if it would mimic the plot for The Producers, with the producer trying to create a play that will be such a flop that it will close on the first night, generating no profits and thus allowing the producer to keep all of the funds he raised to put on the play.

I mean, this will be really, REALLY tediously bad. It will generate so much suckiness that there is a very real chance of it spontaneously generating a tornado within the building. Il Sucko Grandissimo.