Instant Karma

I was driving home from work this morning, and was about four miles from home, doing about 50 mph in a 45 mph zone, in the right lane. At five over, you're invisible, because everyone else is going at least that fast. I usually drive in the right lane, so the speed demons can move on by in the passing lane. My motto is, "If you want to go faster than me, pick another lane."

All of a sudden, a green Volvo goes whooshing past me on the left, leaving me behind like the Starship Enterprise at the beginning of Star Trek. He's doing at least 60 mph, maybe more. I'm driving past a little strip mall, followed by a 7-Eleven, and there in the side street past the 7-Eleven, waiting to turn, is a marked Florida Highway Patrol car.

Green Volvo realizes that he has messed up, because he taps his brakes, but then keeps going at about the same speed. I can almost see the calculation going on in the FHP car, and it turns onto the street in front of me, gets in the left lane and takes off after Green Volvo. Six blocks later, I see the FHP car with red and blue lights flashing at the side of the road, right behind Green Volvo. Someone's having a bad morning.

I have to admit that I said "Ha-HA!" as I drove past.