This and That, #2

Spotted in the mail last night: Not one but two glossy postcard mailings from companies advertising psychic services. And they were first-class mail, not standard mail, which was kind of a surprise to me. First-class is more expensive, but gets a higher priority when it comes to getting the mail out to the customers. One offered the chance to try their psychics who normally cost $3.25 per minute at the discounted price of $2.75 per minute. Such a deal! I never get any mailings from psychic companies myself; I guess they know that I wouldn't respond to them. Wow! They must be psychic or something!

I was at Wal-Mart this morning and among the candy at the cash registers, I saw something that sent a shiver up my spine: The Snickers candy bar wrappers had been changed to one of the most godawful designs that I've ever seen. It was kind of a salmon color, with the word "Snickers" in black outlined in tan, with a tan five-pointed star at one side.

Here is what they looked like (Image courtesy of Dr. Momentum at Aces Full of Links, who describes them as looking "strangely soviet"):

Evidently they're only at Wal-Mart, as some kind of special retro packaging. Still, it just seems wrong.