I May Have An Answer For This Guy

Nat Bach is puzzled, and feeling a little bit hurt. It seems that he's been a big supporter of the Obama campaign in California, and had submitted his name asking to be a delegate for him at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. He was one of 80 people from his congressional district who did so, and he was therefore disappointed to learn that the list had been pared down to 17 names, and his was not one of them. He was wondering if it was because they might be questioning the loyalty of the people who were cut from the list of delegate candidates.

Looking at his picture on the Huffington Post blog, he definitely seems to be a "person of pallor." His bio page doesn't have any information about his sexual preferences or possible disability status. It might not be anything personal against Nat; they might just have filled their Affirmative Action goal for white guys who aren't gay or disabled.

There's always amputation...