Lighten Up, Princess!

I saw this story in the news last night, and just shook my head:

Statewide uproar leads to suspension of "Woody and Wilcox" by radio station
Michelle Davis was surfing radio stations last Wednesday, stuck in traffic in a spring snow storm. When the dial hit the "Woody and Wilcox" morning show on KBFX 100.5-FM "The Fox," she couldn't believe what she heard.

The morning drive-time hosts were bantering with a caller about whether getting into a fender-bender at Minnesota Drive and Raspberry Road made you a "real" Alaskan. What else made you a real Alaskan?

"Have you made love to the Yukon River and peed in a Native woman?" one of the men said, according to Davis, turning an off-color axiom inside out. She said she was stunned and disgusted.

As soon as she got to a phone, Davis, who is part Tlingit, called the station manager. Then she got on her computer and e-mailed a network of friends in the Alaska Native community. She wrote to news media, Native leaders and politicians. She complained to the FCC.
Oh, for heaven's sake! The radio guys make a stupid, slightly off-color comment and she complains to the FCC?! "Oh, I'm offended! Waaaaahh!"

Doesn't anybody in this country have a damn sense of humor any more? When I was growing up, people told ethnic jokes, and if other people didn't like them, instead of whining to the FCC, they'd turn around and tell an ethnic joke about the person who told the first one. Now, people get suspended from their jobs and sent to "sensitivity training" because we live in a nation of humorless prigs.

Well, we don't need any training for "sensitivity" in this country. Indeed, the "sensitivity" is the problem! We're living in a "Princess and the Pea" nation as far as hypersensitivity to any perceived slight goes. Grievance-mongers like Michelle Davis can lie on a stack of twenty mattresses and twenty featherbeds and still feel the little pea of offense at the bottom.

All I can say is, "Lighten up, Princess!" If you think those shock jocks are bozos, pick another station. And grow a sense of humor! Otherwise, we'll end up with something like this:

Three persuns of unspecified race, religion, nationality, gender and sexual orientation go into a bar...