Playing "Hide The Torch" in San Francisco

No, that's not some alternative lifestyle sex game. It's what the Olympic organizers did yesterday, doing a bait-and-switch on the route that the torch took through San Francisco. It was supposed to go along the waterfront in the eastern part of the city, but at the last minute, the route was changed to an area farther west, faking out both those who wanted to welcome the torch (mostly ethnic Chinese) and those who wanted to protest against it (pretty much everyone else). Yes indeedy, it was a real profile in courage!

The torch had been whisked into town under cover of darkness the night before, and made a hasty departure after its brief and unheralded appearance. Unless you had a GPS lock on it, which no one apparently did, you were about as likely to see it as you were to see Barack Obama on his recent visit to the same city. (I'm assuming that you aren't a multi-millionare living in the Bay Area; that Zombietime site is the best place to go for news on San Francisco protests, by the way.)

What does it say about the upcoming Olympics that they no longer even dare to bring the torch through cities where the citizens are free to protest against China's policies? Only when the torch reaches the totalitarian safe haven of the Middle Kingdom will it be able to be seen in public again. I don't think Hitler had this much trouble back in 1936.