At "Big Beaver & I-75"?

That's the location of the Residence Inn in Troy, Michigan, where a fellow named Tom Athans was entangled in a police investigation of prostitution activity back in late February. He admitted to paying $150 for oral sex. Then the kicker, when the story surfaces: He's married to Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI). Oops!

Now, at least in this case, he only paid $150 for fifteen minutes. It's a tough economy in Michigan, and I don't know if the people there would approve of $1000 an hour hookers like they have in New York City. Hard times, hard times.

I don't think that it really reflects on Sen. Stabenow, any more than Monica Lewinsky reflected on Hillary Clinton, other than the notion that the best way to keep a man from straying is to give him what he wants at home. A man who's getting it at home doesn't have to go chasing after it in sleazy hotel rooms. In the cases of Bill Clinton and Eliot Spitzer, we know that they were serial womanizers (and in Bill's case, sexual harassers). We don't know if Athan was playing around more frequently or if he just wanted oral sex that his wife wouldn't give him at home.