Red Is The New Blue

Several months ago, our new plant manager instituted a policy where local-originating first-class mail (which has to be processed and delivered the following day) would be placed in trays that had been spray-painted blue, and would not be sent into the UTS system. Instead, those trays would be kept on the ground and spread manually into containers in a "bullpen" setup, where each zone would have its own container.

Now, our new interim plant manager (a different person) has decided that the blue trays must be repainted red, so that they will match the color that all of the other plants in the district are using. I read about this and just rolled my eyes. They have been cutting back some of the part-time employees' hours in order to save money, they apparently haven't ordered any more rubber bands in order to save money, and yet they have money to waste on repainting plastic trays that don't even leave the building?! Because they want them to match?! How anal-retentive is that? (Answer: VERY!)

I want to know who is writing their material, because it sounds like something from a bad Monty Python routine:

"What is your favorite color?"
"Blue! No, red! AIIIIEEEEE!!"