Product Reviews

Today, we have a couple of tasty snack treats.

First, if you're into healthy food, you might like Back to Nature's Chewy Trail Mix Bars. They're made from organic fruits and grains, and the little green spot on the ingredients panel says that they are "70% organic." I bought the Cherry Pecan flavor, but there's also an Almond Cranberry variety. The verdict: Tasty! And they have 8% of your daily dietary fiber. No high fructose corn syrup, no hydrogenated oils, no artificial preservatives or flavors, and only 120 calories.

Now, let's say that you don't give a darn about health food or dieting. In that case, have I got something for you: Oreo Cakesters. They're little snack cakes in twin-pack packaging that look just like puffy Oreo cookies. Soft and chewy, but they taste just like Oreos. There's also a chocolate creme variety, but I bought the classic ones with the white filling. Mmmmmm! Delicious! Just don't read the package. You don't really want to know about the calories and fat anyway, right? What you don't know won't hurt you.