I timed my last break this morning so that I could go outside around 5:45 and see the lunar eclipse reach totality. When I went outside, there was still a thin sliver of the Moon still visible, but slowly the Earth's shadow moved across it. I've seen lunar eclipses before, of course; they're far more common than solar eclipses. A few other people had gone outside to see the spectacle. I think that most people at work either didn't know about the eclipse or, more likely, didn't care. The former I can understand; the latter, I can't.

Earlier, I had wondered whether I'd be able to see it at all, because it was raining heavily while I drove to work. I went outside at lunch time (around 3:30 a.m. -- not your lunch time, of course) and the sky had cleared up. The Moon was high overhead and almost blindingly bright. It was quite a contrast with the shadowed Moon that I saw later. Overall, it was worth the effort to go outside and see it.