Dog Days

I haven't really had much to say the last few days. It's the dog days of summer, breezy and hot, and I've been feeling indolent.

Someone else suffering from the heat of the dog days of August: Michael Vick. All of his co-defendants rolled over on him, and yesterday, his lawyer admitted what most realized was almost inevitable: Vick had agreed to plead guilty to the charges against him. They must have had him dead to rights.

I heard about another case from New York yesterday where some evil people were arrested for running a dog-fighting operation. They had dogs on the site, as well as kittens that they had been using to bait the dogs. I saw the cage filled with innocent kittens on the news, and that really infuriated me. Anyone who would harm helpless animals like that deserves to be stuck in a prison cell for the rest of his natural life. And then his body should be ground up for dog food.