What I Watched Over the Weekend

Comedy, mostly. I watched a couple of movies that I hadn't seen before: My Super Ex-Girlfriend and You, Me and Dupree. The first one was fairly entertaining, with its premise of the ordinary Joe who starts dating a mousy but neurotic woman who works at an art gallery, and then learns that she's the superhero G-Girl, who has been saving the city of New York from various disasters. When he finally can't stand her needy, jealous behavior any longer and breaks up with her, she makes his life hell. I found it amusing. As for Dupree, it was okay, but not something I'd watch again.

The most interesting thing I watched over the weekend was the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Sunday, with Cal Ripken, Jr. and Tony Gwynn being enshrined at Cooperstown, along with Kansas City Royals radio broadcaster Denny Mathews and St. Louis Post-Dispatch baseball writer Rick Hummel. Cal was one of my favorite baseball players, and both of the players were classy individuals who represented the best of the game. Denny Mathews was the radio broadcaster who introduced me to baseball. I started listening to games on the radio when we moved to Kansas City in 1973, and Mathews' descriptions of the game helped my interest in the game grow. I was pleased to see him honored in Cooperstown.